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      A sports bra is an essential part of clothing

      Properly selected underwear for sports protects the skin and provides comfort in all conditions. The one worn every day will not work during running, fitness training or any other physical activity for several different reasons. The destruction of delicate materials and lace by sweat stains or the need to constantly fix them is not the most important of them. Women's sports bra should provide adequate thermal properties and free moisture removal and evaporation. Additionally, it is important to support the breasts during various exercises. 

      A sports bra should always be selected in terms of size and sports activity. If we love very intense workouts, we should choose a bust support model that guarantees comfort and safety. Low-support sports bras are designed for women with smaller breast size and are suitable for low-intensity, static exercise. Sports bras with medium support are perfect for more intense physical activity, and those with high support will withstand the most stressful workouts.