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      Women's shorts are perfect for any type of physical activity

      Shorts are one of the irreplaceable parts of a sports outfit. You can exercise in the gym, run, as well as walking every day on summer days. They can be loose or tight, depending on the needs and individual preferences. The women's shorts from the 4F collection have styles that make women feel at ease and at the same time attractive. 

      Are you an active woman who values comfort and freedom of movement and it the same time modern look?

      You are in right place! 4F women's sports shorts are designed for many sports. They can be worn by runners who do not feel comfortable in tight-fitting leggings. The universal cut makes the 4F women's shorts chosen by athletes practising various team disciplines. Our sports shorts have vivid colours and modern design, so they will perfectly match your sports outfit for the gym.

      For women who do not like tight-fitting leggings, we recommend sweatpants and women's sports shorts. They can be put on during outdoor activities such as running, cycling, and can also be used as sportswear for the gym and fitness classes. Women's sports shorts can also be useful when practising water sports as an additional outer layer, worn over a swimsuit.