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      Women's fleece perfect for active women


      The fleece is primarily to be an additional layer of clothing, providing warmth, which can be taken off at any time. And this is the main aspect that distinguishes them from jackets, which are chosen for the greater cold, with the intention of being left on all the time when playing sports.

      Do you need high-quality clothing that will protect you from the cold?

      You are in the right place! Check out the 4f offer, among which you will find fashionable and warm women's fleece, perfect for the trail, every day, and in the form of a warming layer in the cold season. Original, eye-catching design, a multitude of cuts, sporty colours and, importantly, great technical parameters make it a piece of clothing that every woman who loves physical activity must have at hand.

      Warm women's fleece is a perfect protection against cold. Fleece sweatshirts are primarily intended to provide warmth. They are perfect in this role because their characteristic feature is the weave of thousands of fibres, which guarantees dryness and thermal insulation. This new generation material provides a specific microclimate that will support every woman while practising outdoor sports. Women's fleece sweatshirts are durable, they do not absorb moisture and unpleasant odours from the outside.