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      Functional  men's softshell jacket 

      Are you looking for a way to protect against harsh weather conditions?

      Softshell jackets are perfect for use in the mountains, while running, walking and other activities. Thanks to its special construction, the softshell is a barrier against wind and slows down moisture absorption and ensures adequate thermal comfort.

      What makes softshell diffrent? 

      First of all, a special, 2- or 3-layer construction. The top layer is made of synthetic fibres and provides durable protection against weather conditions. The middle layer may be a membrane that slows down moisture absorption and improves breathability. The inner layer ensures adequate thermal comfort. Thanks to this, the softshell is the right clothing for mountains, hiking, trekking, jogging and other outdoor activities, when we cannot always accurately predict the weather.

      The membrane plays a special role in a softshell jacket - it is described by two parameters, one of which is responsible for the degree of breathability and the other for water resistance.

      Softshells not only take care of your comfort but also give you a great look.