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      3 products

      Men's sports pants - perfect for every active man

      Sports trousers are clothes for many occasions, not only those related to sports. Loose cut, lightness of wearing and pleasant to the touch fabrics make it possible to spend almost the whole day in such an outfit.  

      Do you exercise or go to the gym regularly?

      Check out our men's trousers that are distinguished by advanced technologies that support all your activities. Men's sports pants are an indispensable piece of clothing that should always guarantee freedom of movement and the highest comfort, regardless of the season, intensity of training or even your well-being.

      In our offer, you can find 4F sweatpants, urban trousers and training pants and tights.

      Men's sweatpants are an iconic piece of clothing for everyday use and for low-intensity physical activities. You can successfully wear them to the gym, creating a set with your favourite thermo-active t-shirt, or on a daily basis, even with an elegant jacket. Sweatpants are comfortable, provide freedom of movement and thanks to the pleasant material, they give an incredible feeling of comfort every day.

      Highlight your fashion sense with the new 4F urban trousers, designed for everyday use. Thanks to the pleasant-to-touch fabric, they will provide you with comfort and a great sporty look. Selected models also have functional pockets in which you can put handy items and various amenities such as reflective elements to improve your visibility after dark.

      For men who love fitness, running and other sports activities requiring high-tech clothing, we have prepared something special. Training pants and tights are made of quick-drying fabric, have seamless seams and often additional zones to improve breathing. By wearing them in the gym or outside, you can be sure that you will feel great regardless of the weather and intensity of movement.

      Do you enjoy spending time in the mountains? 

      Check out our women's trekking trousers. They will provide protection against low temperatures and gusts of wind. Trekking trousers will also be durable and comfortable, without restricting movement even while climbing difficult peaks. Women's trousers with softshell provide optimal protection on mountain trails.