How to choose the best t-shirt for training?

Qucik- Dry running T-shirtHow to choose the best t-shirt for training?

Do you exercise regularly in the gym, or are you planning to go there for the first time? Whichever answer you give, not only will you need a good attitude and motivation - you also need the right outfit, including sports t-shirts. What should a good gym T-shirt look like?

A properly selected Top for the gym will guarantee comfortable training, so let's avoid cotton T-shirts and choose Quick-Dry activewear instead, which effectively wicked sweat and do not restrict movement during exercise. You can choose from short- or long-sleeved t-shirts and tank tops from the 4F - the best manufacturer from Europe.

Sport T-shirt size matter. Not too small or too large

T-shirts for the gym are available in the standard men's S-XXL and women's XS-XL. So choosing the right size shouldn't be a problem for anyone. Women's fitness Tops does not have to be as fit as the models worn for other activities. For undemanding fitness activities, women's t-shirts with a looser cut are fashionable, under which it is enough to put on a matching training bra. Oversized training top or a t-shirt with a more voluminous cut with an original print will guarantee freedom of movement and a modern look during fitness classes. Women for whom fitness is a challenge in terms of speed of movement, fitness, or strength can choose matching women's t-shirts. Whether it will be a sleeveless top, a short-sleeved T-shirt or a training long sleeve depends on preferences and prevailing temperatures.

There is less variety among men because regardless of the intensity of fitness activity, the most fashionable and comfortable models fit the figure. A sleeveless top or a short-sleeved shirt will be a great choice and a long sleeve shirt in cooler ones on hot days.

Material is a key aspect of sports tops.

Regardless of the cut or fashionable print, the material is always the most important. Women's and men's T-shirts must efficiently transport sweat outside and provide a high level of ventilation. Airy mesh elements are important, as they improve air circulation. In the event of intense movement, every fitness-loving person will also appreciate flat, elastic seams or an extended back that will protect the body even during the most difficult moments.

Wearing cotton t-shirts to the gym is not the best idea. Cotton absorbs moisture like a sponge, so it is not difficult to predict training consequences in such a top. During exercise cotton T-shirt soaks up a sweat more and more, becomes "heavy", sticks to the body and restricts movement. Thus, the comfort of exercise is reduced, and besides, such a sweaty T-shirt looks simply unsightly.

For those reasons for the exercise, you should choose a thermo-active shirt for the gym, which is characterized by the following parameters:

  • made of synthetic fabrics or a mixture of such fabrics polyester and polyamide shirts are looser, and those made of lycra or elastane are more tight and tight);
  • it is light and airy;
  • does not absorb moisture (sweat), but transports it outside;
  • does not crease, does not fade;
  • takes care of the proper term ventilation of the body;
  • does not irritate the skin;
  • it is durable and stretchy.


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